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Planning 2.0

Planning in the 21st century
There is no denying, our world is a rapidly changing place.Logo SPIN
Especially through the development of the Internet and new media, at the beginning of the 21st century, we are at a turning point in the way we gather information. The way we communicate with each other changes rapidly and we now store information  ‘in the Cloud’.

Many organizations, but also education and training, is often lagging behind developments in the 'normal' world. Many people now use their smartphones to access the Internet, navigate and play their music at home. Many of these things we take for granted in our private lives, but in our professional lives we are still in the previous century!

Overall Planning
The field of planning and scheduling is no exception. Integrated project management systems have been on the market for almost a decade. Now, when replacing older systems, they come forward as the 'standard'. Real-time information is not a vision but a requirement of modern times. Transparency of information, as we are used to on the Internet, we expect now in the workplace and throughout the organization. We also see a trend towards being able to "self control" or "self plan", perfectly normal on the Internet, just like your very own holiday bookings,  your package delivery planning for you online purchase etc. Planning is about to change!

The planner of the future is no longer a 'stand alone' position with his or her own tools. Also the planning process will be woven into the entire organization, at all levels. Planning as a final product is not only created by the planner but everyone contributes and everyone adjusts. The planner of the future more and more becomes an administrator of the agreements and analyst of the data. He / she evaluates this data and converts it into information for various roles within the project and the organization. The planner will make use of modern software systems that can no longer only be accessed from one location or by one person. Planning can be done always and everywhere and with all the information at your fingertips.

It will be sooner than you think
This is still the future you say? You are absolutely right but admit it is getting closer. How long will it take before the above is commonplace, 10 or 20 years? Close enough for new planners to have a need for a good basis and we should incorporate their thoughts about future developments. Admit if you are now in your thirties it will affect you. Will it make your life easier, or will it be a burden? The current generation of Planners will slowly begin to feel the influence the coming years. This group will have to educate and train the new generation, so we too must look to the future.

Professional Planning and Scheduling is in full swing and the coming years the swinging will only increases. A development that I'd  rather gear than decelerate because what is more fun than talking to people about the solutions rather than problems. When you have the information at your fingertips, the solution is near!

“Time is on our side”

Ed van der Tak
Chairman, Dutch Planning and Scheduling Association

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