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The PlanScan
Do you ever wonder whether your project and / or organization is planned professionally?
What is the (intrinsic) quality of my planning and can it be adequately used for the control of my project(s)? Is the available software used properly? These and many more questions are answered by means of the Plan-Scan.

The  PlanScan represents years of experience in the field of planning and is seamlessly integrated with all planning issues within your organization. On the basis of different questions a 360 degree scan is made of the planning and its surrounding organization. The outcome of the PlanScan not only provides you with insight in the current state of planning in your organization but also includes practical suggestions for instant improvement.

The PlanScan is available in the following variants:

PlanScan 'Bronze'
With this scan we review your schedule based on a version sent to us.

PlanScan 'Silver'
With this scan we will assess your planning, including its creation, with you on your project.

PlanScan 'Gold'
With this scan we will assess your planning processes and planning systems in your (project) organization.

For more information about the ScanPlan please contact us through our contact form.

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Contracting, Planning & Risc Management

Contracting, Planning & Risico Management

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Project Planning Manager

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