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What SPIN does

Independent standards
SPIN is above all an independent institute that takes the professionalization of planning very seriously. With this in mind SPIN aims to be a real "spider in the web" for anyone who works in the world of planning.

To support their objective SPIN works from new and existing standards and conventions in our field. New standards and agreements will form the basis for the definition of the project planner, Planner 2.0. But we will adhere to existing standards around the project planning as already recorded in 2003 (!)

Clear definition
For project planners this means that better / clearer definition of their current and future positions. This definition makes the necessary knowledge transparent and gives the project planner new opportunities within his / her own organization.

For clients, these new definitions are more in line with the organization. Requests for project planners will better meet the needs of the organization and the (still) scarce supply in the market. By "upgrading" functions within planning there will also be in influx on Bachelor / Master level. Planners will prolong their positions within the organizations and work their way up to the next “planning profession” level.

Better training and education
By the clear definition of functions within planning, and adding new levels to existing training programs we will better meet the needs of the market. New Bachelor / Master level training will improve the position of the profession in general, and more specifically the position of the planner in project management and senior management support.

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Senior Project Planning Manager

Senior Project Planning Manager

New schedule of courses will be available soon.


Contracting, Planning & Risc Management

Contracting, Planning & Risico Management

New schedule of courses will be available soon.


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